Personal Training, physical therapy or rehabilitation has never been so efficient. And we don’t just mean the very fast training success experienced by your customers, but the possibilities that i-motion-ems provides to you as a physical therapist; personal-trainer or studio owner. With the STUDIO and PERSONAL suits, i-motion-ems offers you immediately 2 choices of reaching your goal. Wireless, durable, comfortable – once EMS athletes have tried these suits, they will never want to wear anything else. Amateurs and professionals alike will be immediately convinced by the pleasant, surface-covering impulse feeling.



The STUDIO suit is made for the demanding, continuous use in a fitness studio. Handmade from a robust compression neoprene, it remains highly flexible. The inner side has an anti-bacterial effect and is odor-resistant. The vests and pants in all sizes can be easily and quickly combined due to the new quick fasteners. Its 20 high-performance electrodes fit perfectly on any body area.

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The extremely thin suit PERSONAL fits like a second skin. It is ultralight and ultra-flexible thanks to the dry electrodes. It remains completely washable as well and is particularly suitable as an additional business item for customers that just feel better training in their own suit.

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Smart vs hard. Efficient means with i-motion-ems, a 20-minute workout instead of four hours of training. Additionally, to the 20 preprogrammed and six individual, adjustable impulses (from 2 – 200 Hz and 50 – 450 μs) for training or physical therapies targeted and tuned for up to 10 customers at the same time.

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Thanks to the Bluetooth® Smart sender/receiver-Unit both Trainer and trainee have more freedom than ever before. The up to 100 Meter operating range make the support of, for example, outdoor training on running tracks or sports arenas possible with i-motion-ems.



1 Training, 2 Benefits. With the i-motion-ems software, impulse phases (strain) and impulse times (relief) are working together. During the impulse phases, the muscles are being developed and the fat-burning occurs during the impulse times. This amazing double impulse ensures a full 20-minutes of EMS-Power.

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