The i-motion-ems success story

Upfront from the very beginning

Our goal: Your training success. Our path: leading technology, utmost reliability, best service. We have been able to claim this standard in just 3 years by investing a great deal of time, work and money in high-quality suit-designs, the development of electrodes with longevity and especially robust hardware for use in the studio and outdoors since 2015. However, the heart of i-motion-ems is the unique software, with the training impulse that can be dosed at the utmost individual level.

However, we wouldn’t be i-motion-ems if we didn’t continue working to improve ourselves and our systems. The goal: to provide the best product and the best support on the EMS-market at all times – for the best training of all times. We cooperate with sports physicians, physical therapists, personal trainers and professional athletes for this very reason. We also profit through these efforts from a worldwide network, i-motion-ems is active in over 50 countries on four continents – in the areas of sport, health, and aesthetics.

Medical and sports professionals in the entire world trust our brand name and use i-motion-ems products, in order to improve the quality of their services. This is how the steadily increasing number of physical therapists, personal trainers and studio operators become successful health and fitness businesses through i-motion-ems. And you can do this also. Make yourself fit for the future.

Join and become part of the i-motion-ems family.

Arno Schmitt

Support from the No.1

Germany’s number one personal trainer, Arno Schmitt, depends on a EMS-supported training. And he is a huge fan of our Label. “i-motion-ems is for me the measure of all things on the EMS market. I demand the highest measure or quality and user-friendliness. And i-motion-ems offers the highest quality.

At every level of performance capabilities, my customers can train due to the wireless system. I am completely free in my choice of workouts. Almost all functional and athletic variations are possible. i-motion-ems is the most modern and functionally capable system on the market.“


Course of growth

Over 1,000 Studios

Over 1,000 studios in 50 countries worldwide, over 100 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone are confiding in our system of suit technology, hard and software for their EMS needs. i-motion-ems is herewith the best-distributed brand name on the EMS-market. And this in the metropolises, urban areas as well as in the outer laying countrysides.

Your competent Partner for EMS-Systems

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