Group dynamics

i-motion-ems Group Training

Economical miracle

You increase the efficiency of your workouts by a factor of 10! You will be training groups of up to10 participants simultaneously with i-motion-ems. At the same time, with our software, you are catering to personal training goals. With each workout, you are fitting the impulse further – and therefore optimizing the path to individual training goals. Once the customer is correctly “set”, you control and correct the execution of the workout and communicate directly with the participants.


Train more efficiently

250 Euros in 30 Minutes


Think big! And make room – in your studio and in your mind. 1:1 Personal Training was yesterday. i-motion-ems expands your economical possibilities with highly efficient and not less than individual 1:10 workouts. Your new EMS-class replaces up to 10 single training units. Grant your customers discounts for the conversion and earn still more money in a shorter amount of time.

Bring a Friend

Group building


Demonstrate the unlimited possibilities of i-motion-ems to your customers. Offer them the exclusive Personal training or solicit them with the motivated dynamic of group-workouts.

Build an EMS-class by offering your customers friends a try-out at a special offer price. In this way, you will gain new customers while binding you existing customers. Whatever you may be planning: we will happily support you. With trial workout plans up to financing models.

Your competent Partner for EMS-Systems

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