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Training Trials

There's no other way

i-motion-ems – once tried, EMS athletes will never want to try on anything else. This is the experience that we have gathered again and again during training tryouts. Amateurs and professionals value the material quality, the wearing comfort and above all the pleasant, surface-covering impulse feeling. So, what are you waiting for? Jump in with us in the EMS business or improve your EMS performance with our technology. Just set up your “no obligation” training tryout. Besides our matured technology, we support you with training tryouts at your location. Professional product and application schooling by our i-motion-ems Academy, free software updates and our support tool “Teamviewer”. By combining i-motion-ems suit technology, software, and services something very special is achieved: the ultimate i-motion-ems Feeling.



Support in real-time

Teamviewer is a modern tool, used to guarantee you as a user of our software the highest possible level of security.

With Teamviewer, our product developers can, when necessary, log into your system and solve most technical problems in real time. This way, your training sessions are spared from longer down times.

Software Updates

System with a Future

With i-motion-ems you are betting on an extremely future-sustainable system. In addition to the in permanent use durable suit technology, this is also guaranteed by the software, that updates easily online.
And with every new i-motion-ems update, you are always now and in the future one training unit ahead of your competitors.


Academy of Sports

Become an EMS Trainer now

You already have a trainer’s license like the Fitness C-License and would like to expand your range of services as Personal Trainer or Studio-Operator? The educational training of the Academy of Sports in Backnang offer new professional possibilities to you:

Base-qualification and specialization for i-motion-ems products
Classes are based on many years of experience and on profound scientific knowledge
A solid basis for professional EMS training in the fitness and physical therapy sector


Safety First

i-motion-ems guarantees you the full application safety. All of our products are conceived and construed according to the “safety first” principle for providers and users. We work respectfully and precise so that you can fully enjoy the technology without hassles.


Systematic success

Choice vs Agony


i-motion-ems Suit STUDIO

  • Available in the following sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL
  • Vest, pants, arm and leg bands, belt
  • Control unit
  • Undergarments-set
  • 18 + 2 neoprene-carbon-electrodes

i-motion-ems Suit PERSONAL

  • Available in the following sizes: XXS, XS, S, M and L
  • Microfibre-one piece with belt
  • Control unit
  • 20 integrated dry-electrodes

i-motion-ems software package on a 21.5’’ touchscreen terminal

incl. pedestal


i-motion-ems software package on a 12.2’’ touchscreen tablet

incl. pedestal

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